If you want to buy a cheap high-quality sex doll, we are usually very confused about where to buy it, whether the price is cheap, whether there are discounts and whether there are free gifts, these are all things we often encounter. Now we are introducing 5 ways to help you buy a cheap and affordable sweet companion!

1. Shop by Group Purchasing

This kind of channel is generally difficult to obtain, because there are currently no suppliers that provide group purchasing services. The mainstream suppliers in the market are brand authorized stores. The prices of these stores are generally lower than the official prices, such as WM Doll and Irontech Silicone brand authorized stores. , their official selling price is 3,000 US dollars each, and brand authorized stores sell them for 1,500-2,000 US dollars each. This price is still very expensive.

You can see limited-time promotion products in some stores. This type of product can be simply understood as group purchase supply, but it is generally restricted by the manufacturer.

 2. Shop by Inventory Cleanup

This type of purchasing channel is a relatively affordable channel, but these products are generally slow-selling models. Although the price is cheap, there are not many to choose from, let alone the demand for customization.

You can generally find these channels on the brand's official website or official forum. You can also directly consult the major brand authorized stores. Wait a day or two, and they will check it for you during this period. Generally, they will give you a copy. Inventory options are available, but if you want to buy one that is exactly what you want for your doll, it's almost impossible.

3. Shop by Holiday Promotion

This type of channel is very common. During festivals such as Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, which we are familiar with, all major brand stores and dealers on the entire network can provide very good discounts. As for the discount package, most stores will provide free customization functions, such as free upgrades to the skeleton, free upgrades to the respiratory system, free second doll heads, etc., but the overall price still costs a minimum of 1,500 US dollars, although we seem to get A more substantial discount, but the sellers still have a very large profit margin.

4. Shop by Store Discounts

This channel is also well known to us. When you visit the doll store on your mobile phone, they will push you a discount pop-up window, telling you that you will get a 5% discount if you subscribe to their store, etc., but when you complete the purchase In the future, the overall price will still be as high as over 1,800. We can also go to any store to test it and you will know whether it is true or false.

So is there a cheaper way to buy dolls without middlemen? The answer is of course yes! Now let Pusen tell you how to buy it!

 5. Shop by VIP Customer (recommend)

This more affordable purchasing channel is doll purchasing! This way is not as difficult as we believe! Because this is the same as our normal purchasing method, you will be surprised, what is going on?

“Now the brand authorized store Dollsinn mentioned a membership promotion in May this year. After purchasing a service from their store, you will permanently enjoy the lowest cost of products in the entire store! The overall cost is less than US$500 per doll, which is much lower than what we usually spend on buying it"

The price of the WM brand dolls we are familiar with can be as low as 1,000 US dollars each, which is something we would never dare to imagine! What’s even crazier is that you will also enjoy all promotional services at such an extremely preferential price! That means you can also get free upgrades, a free second single head, and more!

When Nick, the CEO of Dollsinn told us, we were so surprised at the time, but all we had to do was act quickly! We can't guarantee if the event will end tomorrow! But if we buy it now, we will definitely make money!

Some guys may be worried that although the price is very cheap, this method is still very untrustworthy! Could this be a scam? These concerns actually exist!
But if you find any problem, you can actually apply for a refund immediately! We always believe that our bank will guarantee our funds, rather than simply trusting the seller's promises!

Another clear point is that for every order, the production record information can be found on the official website! So our worries are unnecessary!

I am your SEX DOLL tutor JCZ! That’s all about the 5 ways and channels to purchase a lower cost sex dolls today! If the article will be helpful, share it out to help more!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email us! Thank you for watching!


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