Here is all what you want to know about S-TPE new material

The spring is coming, and the new material S-tpe was pubilc too.

But what is S-tpe material? How nice it is? Now lets show you the more and answer! 

S-TPE is is a new material that can be used in the production of sex dolls. It combines many advantages of silicone materials and TPE materials in the industry and can protect the service life of the product to the greatest extent.

We believe that this invention can become the most popular one of great inventions in 2024.

Why dose we choose S-tpe?

In the sex doll industry, whether made of silicone or TPE, they both have obvious tearing and oiling problems and easily causing much customers to spend a lot of energy and cost on use and maintenance.

Therefore, we developed and launch this extremely tear-resistant material to provide our consumers with a better product experience.

Who can support this material?

This new material is jointly developed and owned by industry leader brand WMDOLL and leading manufacturer Jinsan. It currently supports all their son brands, including WM DOLL, ANGELSKILL DOLL, JKDOLL, YLDOLL and JINSAN DOLL

How is the cost to customize?

In order to thank all the customer for their support to wmdoll and Jinsan factory, this new material is priced at only "$99.00". And it will continue to provide "Free Customization" promotions in the future!

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Other question about S-tpe from customer:

Q1: What is different of skin between S-tpe and TPE?

A: Their skin color is almost same as normal tpe, the videos due to the skill problem to cause some color different!

Q2: Is possile to fit to old color heads?

A: YES, If you have some old tpe face, then pls share us a sample photos to us when you place the order. We will keep the same color for your new doll! 

Q3: How is the weight of new material sex doll? 

A: Sorry, the weight is same as normal! If you want one lighter doll, please visit our weight-loss sex doll series.

Q4: How is the skin oil in daily?

A: This new skin will be more better then normal tpe. You can use the the baby powder 2 weeks a time, and even one month a time.

Q5: How is the real touch of this material?

A: It will be more softer then silicone & other tpe of brand.

Q6: Does S-TPE stain as much as original TPE?

A: Yes, we need to take care of your lover well too.

Q7: Will S-TPE have gel butt and gel breast?

A: Yep, gel breast is ok and gel butt is not. We are still in development and try best.

Q8: How soft is S-TPE compared to ultra soft tpe?

A: Of course is Ultra more softer. As you know the soft is depend on the oil of skin.

Q9: Is possible to repair after damage?

A: Yes, we can fix her as same as normal tpe doll too.

Q10: Which one doll will support it?


Q11: Will a silicone or tpe doll touching your S-Tpe doll melt the material?

A: No, they wont.

That is all now. If there is any problem, share to us, you will got the answer easily and fast! Many thanks for your visiting.

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