Dollsinn Sexy Dolls Quality and Warranty

Since the sex doll is a high-end luxury adult toy, the raw materials used are all based on the human skin touch experience. In daily use, improper operations can easily cause quality problems such as scratches or tears on the skin of the doll. We list these FAQs here along with our remedies and related policies.

1. Product Quality Description:

Product quality issues: skeleton breaks/falls off (during daily use), skin tears, etc., custom functions don't work, etc.

Artificial quality issues: skin tearing (when standing/sitting/stretching positions are held for long periods of time), etc.

Shipping Problems: Skin Scratches, Body Indentations, Face Crushed, Skeleton Broken (when received), Neck Broken, etc.

How to use and care for the doll normally? Please read this article:

2. Product Warranty Description:

We provide 90-day quality product guarantee services for all sex dolls, but do not include quality problems caused by human beings, so be sure to provide relevant photos or videos and order numbers as proofs, we will make judgments based on the feedback information you provide, and relevant responses and processing plans will be given within 48 hours.

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