Shipping Introduct in Dollsinn

Regarding shipping, we usually take care of the whole process, including import and customs payment, trying our best to save you valuable time.

1. Dollsinn Shipper

 >> Fedex, UPS, DHL, and Sea, Air, Air, Kapai, Haipai, Ironpai

2. Shipping Time description

Around 7-10 days: Fedex/ UPS/ DHL/ Air Freight

About 15-20 days: empty dispatch

Around 25-35 days: by sea, Kapai, Tiepai, Haipai

3. Shipping Package Display Diagram:

4. Shipping Tracking

Usually after we arrange the shipping, you will receive our delivery notification email, which will include the shipping number, shipping company, start shipping time and estimated arrival time and reminders, etc. You can also pay the bill by Paypal to our shipping notification information.

For specific logistics inquiries, you can make inquiries by visiting our website: the link is as follows

The query interface is as follows:

5. Shipping Damage Case

Usually, we will purchase transportation insurance for all transportation to avoid problems such as product damage caused by transportation. Therefore, when you receive the package, be sure to confirm the following two points. If there is a similar situation, take pictures or videos of the damage to us, and then please directly Refuse to sign

* The package has been broken, please refuse to sign for it

* The package has been squashed, please refuse to sign for it

If you receive an undamaged package, but the doll inside is damaged,

* Please take a photo or video for us to confirm, contact us immediately!

We will process it for you within 48 hours.

6. Product Return

Under normal circumstances, due to the particularity of the goods, we do not allow customers to actively refuse to sign for or return the goods! Therefore, any similar requests should be handled according to the above circumstances. In other cases, please be sure to contact <?> Our customer service confirms! Otherwise, it will easily cause huge trouble and loss to you.

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