Dolllsinn Display Price Description:

The prices of the products you see in our store are all not the prices of the picture styles. The final price is based on the prices of different body styles in the customization options, so please pay attention to distinguish them.

For example: the price of this style is 1599, so the corresponding body is wm140a, not the same as the picture style. If you need the price of the picture style, please refer to the body model in the title, and then find the corresponding body shape in the body options, you can Get the final selling price of the picture style.

Dollsinn Custom Options Price Description:

We try our best to provide customizable customization functions for all product categories, which are free and paid, and the specific information can be found on the page of each product customization option. As shown in the figure.

The current fees are customized as follows:

Coupon and Discount Description:

We will provide different levels of preferential policies and promotional discounts every month, you can continue to pay attention to us, you can learn more about the specific content from our home page, as shown in the figure:

As well as our category description page, there will also be discount information: as shown in the figure

If you subscribe to our email notifications, you will also receive our email notifications, and old customers will have more favorable discounts! As shown

You can also follow our social media accounts to get our promotional information in time. As shown

Best price description:

We provide different levels of promotions and discounts every month. Subscribe to our email notifications, you will not miss any of our event information! Act now!

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