How to avoid sex doll scam? –

How to avoid sex doll scam?

Keep your payment and order safe is necessory work for us!

Now there are much fake sex dolls stores on line, they will show you one cheap price to attrach your eyes and cheat you to payment, so how to protect your money and avoid these fraud? Here are some suggetion to your reference.

  1. You need to check the store information, check them if they are one authourization vendors, pls dont believe their store inform, directly go to sex doll brand official store, like WM DOLL, you can enter:, and contact them by email and ask that store authourization real or fake, you will get the feedback within 24H.

  2. You can directly ask to offer the factory photos after the order ready if your order is customization type. Dollsinn always provide these for your sex doll.

  3. Now most of brands offer one anti-fake code in dolls package, you can find it out and enter this code into the link of their official site. All the parcel from Dollsinn also will have thess information.

If you cant get one sure answer, pls be careful to shop these sex dolls. There are much dolls always use bad or waste residue material to make.

In all, any low cost of goods means the risk and bad quality, for yourself safe and money, Dollsinn dolls always insists to do the right work for you.

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