Sex Dolls Use and Care


The products we sell are all made of high-quality silicone or tpe material, with built-in metal stainless steel skeleton, the skeleton contains all human joints and supports movement and adjustment. In daily use, sex dolls need to spend a certain amount of time to help her Do nursing work to maximize her lifespan.


Moving Display:
 Sex Dolls Skeleton Moving Display

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What Sex Action Sexy Doll Can Do



Under normal circumstances, there will be a lot of oily substances on the skin of the sex doll, so before use, for your personal safety, we will recommend doing some cleaning work properly. The specific two operation methods are as follows:

(1) Shower cleaning:, please move her to the bathroom for a shower, then use olive oil to help him wash it first, then dry her skin with a dry towel, and then apply baby powder all over her body, then she will Like a brand new doll.

(2) Towel cleaning: Please use a wet towel dipped in olive oil to gently wipe the skin on her surface until the oil traces on the surface of the doll's skin are clean, and then spread the baby powder all over her body, which can also keep the skin to the greatest extent possible. her vitality.

(3) Doll's face: If there is no need or dirt, you don't need to clean it, because the makeup is just a general cosmetic, not permanent. During the daily cleaning process, it will be easier to remove her makeup.


(1) Place in the storage box:

After use, we can put the doll back in the original box or a sturdy sofa box, which can protect the doll from damage to the greatest extent.

(2) Lie flat on a bed or sofa:

If you don't want to store the doll, you can place it on the sofa or bed. Please adjust all her joints to a normal lying position, which can also protect the doll from harm.

(3) The doll is standing

If you want the doll to stand and display at home, please put on the doll's feet with rubbing stockings or soles to avoid tearing the material of the soles of the feet.


(1) Dont lets her muscle of joints keep stretching all day.

(2) After using, pls let her lay down to rest, the best like as your first meet her in box status.

(3) After her shower, pls using some boby powder to keep her skin backing to smooth.

(4) Dark clothing can easily stain doll skin. If her skin accidentally stained with color, pls buy some stain remover to stain, pls dont use other method to clear it.

(5) If her foot accidentally teared, you can buy some glue to repair, we will share you some repair videos, easy to repair.

(6) If you dolls are removable vagina type, after the inserts took out, pls use some water absorption rod to dry her vagina inside water, keep her pussy health, Fixed vagina also too!

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