Who is Shedoll Sex Dolls?

Shedoll is a new professional sex dolls brand established in 2020. They are focusing on the development and promotion of the global doll business after 2023, and aiming to provide more high-quality adult toys for the majority of doll lovers.

Features Introduction

Their life size lovely girls are mainly cute, two-dimensional, and young. You can customize many school series of young girls and JK school uniform series in this brand. If you like a sexy doll with faces and styles in Japan and South Korea, they will be one of the choices you should not miss.

Different Products Series

At present, about the product series of shedolls, there are two different versions of dolls made of silicone material and TPE material. These series all can be customized for realistic dolls since 148cm to 163cm. If you have other customization requirements, you can contact us directly confirm.

About Customization

This sex doll brand also supports basic customization services, such as the doll's skin color, face shape, wig, breast, skeleton and other options. It is worth noting that the customizable options of the silicone version and the tpe version are different, and the specific situation can refer to the specific purchase page, such as visit this page, you can easily customize a lifelike young doll depend on these options available.

Better Price on Market

Shedolls is an hot sale sex doll brand for the middle-end market. Compared with the prices of Zelex Doll, Angelkiss and XYDoll on the market, their cost will be much cheaper. If you want to get the best sex doll with the less money, these young small sex girls are also a very good choice.


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